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Product Upload Process

July 23, 2015 - By 

A step-by-step guide to the upload process

This article outlines each step of the upload process. Follow it as you upload your items to ensure that your submissions meet our formatting and technical standards.

To learn how to become an author, see this article.

Product Title

The product tittle field should always be relevant, concise, and professional looking. The following are examples of good and bad naming practices:


  • “This is the File Name” – Capitalize the first letter in each word. Small words like “of” and “an” may be lowercase.
  • “Template with CMS” – Capitalize acronyms and abbreviations like XML and PSD.


  • “THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE” – Do not use all CAPS.
  • “this is also not acceptable” – Do not use all lowercase.
  • “Beautiful File” or “The Best Template” – Do not use subjective words like brilliant, amazing, or best. These words describe your opinion rather than what the file actually is.

Product Image

This will be the main image displayed in the marketplace. Create a 980×700 JPG, PNG or GIF for your product image. Make sure your product image is an accurate representation of your file. Your product image must not contain trademarks or images of celebrities.

Live Preview URL

This will be the url of the preview you’ve hosted. Make sure to copy the entire link. It is also a good idea to test you link before submitting it in your product submission.

Live Preview URL

Don’t have a way to host your own preview files? That’s OK, we can host them for you. First, using the appropriate authoring tool, generate an HTLM output. Second, zip the output. That’s it. Load you zip folder here and we will set up hosting for your preview and future previews on our site.

 Video URL

Provide the complete url to relevant videos. If you’re not selling stock video footage, you can use this function to create a video for your customers about your product.

Product Description

Your item name and description must accurately describe your item and its elements. They should both provide relevant information that makes it easy for buyers to find items meeting their needs.

Your description must accurately describe all elements of your main file. Ensure you mention anything shown in the preview not included in the main .zip and note if any main element are not editable.

You should not include links to external, competing services including items for sale on your own website.

Image Gallery

You can provide additional preview images. They must be JPGs no larger than 900x900px, and named

Product Category

Select which category or categories which best describe your product’s function.

Product Tags

Tags should be lower case, separated by commas, spelled correctly (using American Standard English) and should relate to your item, its specifications and its possible uses. Do not use the same tags for every item. Each tag must be relevant to the item it is applied to. You may enter up to 15 tags.

Product Prices and Files

Name of Price Option

If you are proving different options for buying your product, please name each option here.

Name of Price Option

List a reasonable price for your product. Each price is verified and adjusted based on quality. All prices will be subject to change by ElearnMarket staff. For more information refer to the author terms.

Main File

Save your main files into a .zip folder, including all instructions. Ensure the files are organized in a clear and orderly fashion.

Product Details

It is very important that you complete each field in this section. Products without appropriate details will not be published to the marketplace.


Using the Author Dashboard

July 23, 2015 - By 

Using the Author Dashboard

Once your application has been accepted, you may begin submitting products for sale on ElearnMarket. To help you manage you shop, we have created a very simple and easy to use dashboard where you can modify your profile, submit a product, check your earnings and much more.


Becoming an Author

July 23, 2015 - By 

Are you ready to join a community of talented authors? Ready to start making money? Apply to become an author today!



Downloading Your Files

July 23, 2015 - By 

Step 1: From the menu, click on MY ACCOUNT.

Step 2: Select the product and click the corresponding download button.


Making a Purchase

July 23, 2015 - By 

Making a purchase on ElearnMarket is easy!

Step 1: Hover or click your item, then click the DETAILS button.

Step 2: Select the ADD TO CART button.

Step 3: Click the CHECKOUT button.

Step 4: Complete the form and click the PURCHASE button.


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