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Lectora Inspire: Maze Interaction

A fun way to present a short quiz. The interaction contains 5 questions that the learner must answer to reach the end of the maze. The questions are presented randomly and will repeat until all questions are answer... Read More

Lectora Inspire: Progress Bars

Progress Bars can be used for a variety of different purposes in a Lectora title. From basic Progress Bars designed to indicate student progress through a course or chapter, to revealing graphic images, Progr... Read More

Lectora Inspire: Bulletin Board Interaction

This is a content popup interaction with a lot of style and room for your own creative touches. You can use it as is, or create your own bulletin board layout using the included graphics kit. We are posting t... Read More

Lectora Inspire: Simple Modern Buttons

You’ve probably noticed that modern websites often use simple, frame-only buttons over full-screen graphics (or even videos). It’s easy to use the same design in... Read More

Lectora Inspire: Transparency Theme

When Lectora 12 first came out, I was eager to play with all of the new graphic tools (shapes, gradients, texture fills, shadows, opacity, etc.) to see what kinds of looks I could get using little or no Photoshop. ... Read More

Lectora Inspire: Animated Office Environment

This animated office environment was built using images from the eLearning Brothers stock library. Download the Lectora 12 library object to us... Read More

Lectora Inspire: Repeating Slideshow

This animation can be customized with your images to work for any type of course.

Source: Trivantis Community, Wendy Miller

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Lectora Inspire: Word Tile Game

Simple template using drag and drop questions to create a scored word toke game to check user's knowledge. 

Source: Trivantis Community, Wendy Miller

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Scripting: Tabbed Content

An easy way to present your information using tabs. Full instructions contained in the custom.js and custom.css file.

Source: Trivantis Community, Jayseventwo

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Lectora Inspire: Interactive Process Chart

This animated interactive process chart is built with native Lectora 12 shapes and styles, so it is easily modifiable without the need for an image editing tool.

Source: Trivatis Community, Wendy... Read More

Lectora Inspire: Font Awesome

Easy way to add Font Awesome font icons to your Lectora title.

Source: Trivatis Community, jayseventwo

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Lectora Inspire: Simple Parallax

Easy to implement simple Lectora parallax to help display your information in a more interesting way.

Source: Trivantis Community, jayseventwo

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