About Us

Oh, hi! Nice to meet you!

ElearnMarket is the first global eLearning community intended to help individuals sell and create resources used in the development of engaging and exciting learning materials. We’re passionate about learning and about enabling creative minds do what they love. At ElearnMarket, we help people from all over the world change the way they approach eLearning development.

Simple, flexible options.

Why do some sites make you sign up for a year membership at an outrageous price when all you want is to buy one Lectora Inspire theme? Yeah, we agree. It’s no fun and we don’t think it’s good business. At ElearnMarket you only buy what you need for your project. Need a theme? You’ve got it! Need a single sound effect? You got it! Flexibility is the name of the game.

Now, memberships aren’t all bad. In fact, they can be very useful for individuals and organizations who need high volumes of resources. We offer many affordable membership options.

So, whether you need one image, or 1,200 resources, we’ve got you covered.


Our mission is simple, grow a space where individuals can work together to create learning experiences that motivate and inspire.